To better understand Papergirl-Brooklyn, one must know the roots of the project. 

Sina Basila Hickey & Annie Del Hierro invite listeners to explore the concept of giving away art for free. Aisha Ronniger, founder of the Papergirl Project in Berlin, talks about the evolution of papergirl and how this experience still stays with her today. Also on the show are other artists who contributed to and participated in Papergirl Projects in the past. Javier Jimenez and Greg Lang of Fatherless talk about the importance of collaboration in their work, Addison Karl talks about how creating a community art space in Berlin brought people together, and Luna Park talks about the different ways in which public art impact a community. 

Hosts: Sina Basila Hickey & Annie Del Hierro

Original Music & Sound: Nick Jost

Editing:  Sina Basila Hickey


In this Episode

Aisha Ronniger

Founder of Papergirl Berlin, the original Papergirl Project. Papergirl is an open-sourced project that has been adapted by different artist groups and individuals around the world. Papergirl Berlin existed from 2006-2010.


An artist group based in Rockford, IL and London. Their art style is described as "rust-belt power pop." They call themselves Fatherless because their work is collaborative and no print has ownership to one artist.

Addison Karl

An artist who works in sculpture, murals, paintings, and drawings. Addison created a community art space in Berlin called I Draw A Lot. He travels between  the U.S. and Europe for living and work.

Luna Park

Brooklyn-based graffiti and street art photographer, curator and librarian. Co-founder and regular contributor to The Street Spot, and author of (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets