Papergirl Rolls

The History

Papergirl-Berlin was created in 2006. This open-sourced project started spreading around the world in 2008, and in 2009 it was organized in Albany, NY. In 2010, PaperGirl-NY took place in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Albany.  Now in 2020, an updated version of Papergirl is coming back to Brooklyn. 

Past Project in Albany & NYC

Papergirl-Berlin #3



In 2006, artist Aisha Ronniger came up with an idea of how to bring art into the public in an unconventional way. At that time the media was discussing increasing the penalty for wheat-pasting art and posting stickers on public property to that of spraying graffiti. With poster-pasting being a staple of urban art, Aisha searched for alternative ways to bring art into public spaces that would be accessible to everyone. Thus originated the idea of Papergirl. The name is inspired by US-American paperboys, but instead of distributing newspapers by bike a group distributes artwork. Instead of serving subscriptions the group serves random passers-by — keeping in the spirit of street art. 

The video of Papergirl-Berlin #3 was shared worldwide which prompted international sister projects in many cities around the world including Albany, Bucharest, Cape Town, Istanbul, Toronto, and Portland. Papergirl-Berlin's final project was in 2010.

Papergirl World is a platform to connect international Papergirl projects and inspire the creation of new projects using the open-sourced guidelines.. 


Papergirl-New York

PaperGirl-Albany was created in 2009 after Sina Basila Hickey discovered the Papergirl-Berlin #3 video on Wooster Collective. PaperGirl-Albany premiered in the group show FLUX at the St. Joseph's Cathedral in Albany, NY. See this video by Jim Brassard documenting its distribution. 

In 2010, PaperGirl-Albany expanded to become PaperGirl-NY which included Albany, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. PaperGirl-NY painted a mural in Brooklyn. PaperGirl-NY exhibited at the Dumbo Art Center, The Park Ave Armory, and at Marketplace Gallery. Distribution took place in both Albany and New York City


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Aisha, the Papergirl Founder, explains