Little Tiffin

970 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY

*on India St



In this Episode

Boris Torres

an artist born in Ecuador. He creates portraits of individuals and families with LGBTQ+ identities, including his own. His work also explores the ideas of high-art, low-art, and pornography.

Polina Barskaya

an artist born in Ukraine. She turns the canvas on herself and her family to depict the intimacy of her domestic surroundings as they change locations and as her family members add and subtract. 

polina's portfolio

 Dr. Mario Gotoh

a musician born in Japan. She is a Grammy Award-winning musician and described "innovative violinist and violist." She hopes that people are inspired by her music to change the world.

Little Tiffin

a Thai restaurant by "mother of the kitchen" Monurai Bhakdina (born in Thailand) and photographer Keith Sirchio. Monurai has kitchen skills and knowledge passed down from her family. 


a French-Algerian singer, songwriter (born in Paris). She plays many instruments and can be seen performing solo or in groups.


--support immigrants facing extreme hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic by donating to

--information about decarceration in NYS

--ending mass incarceration, including stories of affected people



Annalisa AloscoQueens, NY, USA

Francisco Jarrin &

     Priscila Lombardo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Javier JimenezRockford,  IL, USA

Leanne MartzPhiladelphia, PA, USA

Luna ParkBrooklyn, NY, USA

Marj KleinmanBrooklyn, NY, USA

Savannah KumarAustin, TX, USA

Scarlett, New York, NY, USA

Sofi DuBrooklyn, NY, USA

Tyler KlinePhiladelphia, PA, USA