Frequently Asked Questions



Who can participate?

Anyone can be a Papergirl no matter your location, gender identity, age, occupation. 

Anyone can submit art that fits the guidelines. Anyone can help with the distribution. Anyone can help us design and create this project.


How do I submit my artwork?

All of the information is on our submission page. Please email us with any further questions, and don't forget to thank your mail carrier :)


What will you do with my artwork?

Your artwork will be unpacked, documented, archived on this website. A photograph of one of your artworks will be included in a banner and wheat-pasted on a public street. Your original artwork will be rolled up and distributed by a group of bicyclists to people on the street. 


What kind of artwork can I submit?

Be creative! Paintings, photographs, stencils, cloth, zines, stickers and anything else that is rollable (see guidelines) is accepted. No restrictions on size or format or number 


Where can I see the artwork?

Due to safety precautions, we won't have an exhibition with all of the artwork this year. Instead, photographs of the artwork will be printed on paper banners and wheat-pasted around Brooklyn. We will also have all of the artwork archived on our website. 


What is wheat-pasting?

Wheat-pasting is a term that describes plastering posters to walls with a paste made of wheat flour and water. Wheat-paste is a staple of street art. 


Isn't street art illegal? 

Street art is art on the street, often in an urban setting. Street art can be done legally or illegally. This Papergirl-Brooklyn exhibition will be done legally, with permission. 


Why wheat-paste?

We are big fans of wheat-pasted art. Not only is this a low-impact version of street art, but we also love that these pieces change and disintegrate over time.


How do I listen to your audio program?

The audio program will be available on our website once the exhibition is up. You can also scan the QR code on the exhibition banner. Don't forget your headphones!


I'm from Brooklyn. How can I help with your audio program?

Excellent! We would love to have locals involved in this production to ensure that it is your voice representing the various neighborhoods. Please send us an email with some details about yourself. 


How can I get involved in Papergirl-Brooklyn?

We want to involve the public in all aspects of this production!

Some ways to be involved: submit your artwork, spread the word, or help us produce the audio program. ALSO, be a part of wheat-pasting the exhibition, help us roll the artwork, or and be a part of the distribution on bike! 


How do I receive a roll of art?

The rolls of art will be distributed at random to people on the street in a surprise action. The idea is to include people in this project who were unaware that it was happening. None of the art is for sale, but we do encourage you to contact an artist directly if you see something you like!