This exhibition will take place in ten Brooklyn neighborhoods. 

Submissions will be documented and shared on our website, and each submitting artist will have a copy of their artwork (original artwork is kept for distribution) printed onto large paper banners which will then be wheat-pasted onto walls on public streets for all to access and to stumble upon. To see all participating artists, one must travel to all ten locations. Each banner will have a QR code that will connect visitors to the site-specific audio episode (also accessible via our website). 

Wheat-paste art is low-impact on the environment and means that we will glue the banners to walls with a flour/water mixture. 

Accessibility: our exhibitions will be viewable from a public sidewalk and documented on our website; the audio program will be transcribed on our website. Please reach out with any additional accessibility questions so that we can be considerate of everyone's needs. 

Audio Program

Audio will allow visitors to interact with this art project without gathering and touching so that we can keep our community safe and healthy from the spread of COVID-19.  

Our audio program will include a series of episodes about Papergirl-Brooklyn. 

Audio will guide visitors through the exhibition and introduce each neighborhood. Representatives from each community will be interviewed about the importance of art and about the uniqueness of their neighborhood. 

Listeners will hear music from Brooklyn and will learn about local organizations and businesses in the area to encourage them to stick around the neighborhood to support local and invest in Brooklyn. 


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