Coney Island




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Arantxa Araujo

an artist from Mexico with a background in neuroscience. Her work is multidisciplinary, feminist, and rooted in bio-behavioral research and explores many issues including femicides and the politics of migration.

Sofi Du

an artist from Russia with Armenian heritage. She uses embroidery to disentangle herself from her ingrained cultural perceptions of nakedness, sexuality, and identity. 


Alex Kaluzhsky

a filmmaker who grew up in Brighton Beach and Coney Island. These locations and his family influence and are often incorporated into his filmmaking. 

Apropos Films

Alliance for

Coney Island

their mission is to advocate for and promote the growth of our local business community, improve quality of life for our residents, and support the development of our neighborhood while honoring the past, celebrating the present and building the future of this historic neighborhood.

Alliance for Coney Island

Katie Von Schleicher

a singer and songwriter who uses upbeat rhythms to captivate the listener while covering heavy subject matter into her lyrics.


Map for businesses in Coney Island by Alliance for Coney Island

Article on Julia Tsvetkova, arrested in Russia for her art

Alex Kaluzhsky's food recommendations in Brighton Beach:

Tatiana Restaurant / Kashkar Cafe / Toné Café / Nasheman



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Gary DuehrBoston, MA, USA 

Laëtitia DeleuzeBrooklyn, NY, USA

Michelle Del HierroQuito, Ecuador

Regina FurtekBrooklyn,  NY,  USA

Robyn BellospiritoHuntington, NY, USA

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