Bringing Art to the Streets
Uniting Brooklyn Communities
The Project

Papergirl-Brooklyn is a participatory public art project bringing an interactive art experience to various communities around Brooklyn, centering resident voices, and redistributing contributed artwork to the unsuspecting public. 

photo by Boris Niehaus (

Social Change Through Art

It Began In Berlin


Connecting Brooklyn


Papergirl-Brooklyn (PGBK) is an art action with an emphasis on social, sustainable, and cultural engagement. PGBK connects people through art and transcends boundaries by taking art outside the conventional gallery setting introducing it to new audiences. This project uses art as a means of discourse between artist and pedestrian to build relationships and turn neighborhoods into communities through shared experiences. PGBK aims to make art accessible to a broad audience. The project will take place in a diverse cross-section of neighborhoods creating convivial creative spaces for cultural engagement. The project hopes to break through visible and invisible divisions between gallery and public spaces, between individuals and artists, between creators and receivers of art.  PGBK will showcase the talent of a wide-range of artists. This positive action will engage the public and inspire more individuals to use art as a means of social engagement and change.

photo by Luna Park

photo by Robert Stolarik

photo by Robert Stolarik

“Do you like art?” The boy smiled shyly as his mom opened the roll, revealing a collage commentary on the overdevelopment of Berlin by the German artists Various and Gould.

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photo by Luna Park





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